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Like most food manufacturers, we are aware of the environmental impact around production and packaging and have been adding measures to lessen our negative contribution.


NZ Soft Plastics


Since 2021 we have partnered with NZ Soft Plastic Recycling and are moving all of our plastic packaging to qualify.  Our new standard tortilla bags are both soft and #2 HDPE fully recyclable.  We will move other variants of tortilla bags to be made of the same material, once existing stock has been used up.


For more information regarding NZ Soft Plastics, please go to link below:


Food Waste Recycling


Although we aim to waste as little as possible, we do have “rejects” that cannot go to market.


Reclaim ensures all food waste is turned into nutrient-rich compost. Using Reclaim’s food waste recycling service ensures food waste and compostable material is not sent to landfill (where it slowly decomposes and creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas).


For more information regarding Reclaim, please go to link below:


Cardboard and Shredded Paper as Packing Material


Every Little Bit Helps!  Although there is occasional bubble wrap used for the extra fragile products, we try to use newsprint and cardboard as much as possible.  Excess admin paper, such as old packing slips, gets a second life as it is shredded and used in the packing of orders.


Glass versus Pouches


There is much debate regarding the pros and cons of food packed into glass jars versus plastic pouches, as glass is heavier and will have a larger carbon footprint freight-wise.


We continue produce sauces in bottles and jars and receive positive feedback from customers. Re-use of jars for food storage is more and more prevalent can be used indefinitely.

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