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Spicy Prawn Tostadas


4 Tio Pablo Red Jalapeno Corn Tortillas

1/3 cup peanut oil

1 cup fresh watercress, ripped

¾ cup fresh mint, ripped

¾ cup fresh coriander, ripped

½ red onion, sliced

1 radish, julienned

1 mandarin, peeled, seeded and segmented

2 cloves garlic, diced

12 fresh prawns (or frozen and defrosted)

1 Tbl Tio Pablo Mayan Gold

3 Tbl mayonnaise

2 Tbl Tio Pablo Salsa Picante de Mango

Salt and coarse black pepper, to taste

2 Tbl Tio Pablo Spicy Peanuts, crushed


Heat peanut oil in frying pan until oil hot and begins to smoke. Add each tortilla, turning every minute or so, until the tortilla starts to bubble and brown. Once crunchy, place tortilla onto a paper towel to drain. Cook (and drain) remaining three tortillas in same fashion. Set aside, let oil cool and then dispose enough oil to leave about 2 Tbl in the pan for later.

Place prawns in a bowl and sprinkle atop Mayan Gold and 1 clove of diced garlic. Stir through to coat and place in fridge for about 10-15 minutes, at least.

In another bowl, add the ripped watercress, coriander, mint, red onion, radish and mandarin segments.

In a small bowl, add the other clove of garlic, mayonnaise, Salsa Picante de Mango, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Heat frying pan again until remaining oil just beginning to smoke again and add the prawns. Cook for about 5 minutes until prawns are cooked through and have turned orangey-pink in colour. Set aside.

Toss salad with half of the mayonnaise dressing, so salad is coated. Place ¼ of salad onto each fried tortilla (tostada), and top with three prawns, a dollop or two of the dressing and sprinkle with crushed peanuts. Serve warm.


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